Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ahahaha. So photographing things every day lasted for maybe... ten days? Up until I started working fifty hour weeks! Anyway, I certainly hope to maintain this little project, but not quite as ambitiously as previously advertised. Check back once in awhile, and maybe there will be no photos! I'm not going try to pin myself down with deadlines anymore though.

So! Here are some photos! I ran into a lot of bugs in the month of May, so here are some. The bumblebee was GIANT, and he invaded my home when there was nobody but me in the defenses. I did what any logical teenaged girl would do, and locked it in the bathroom, where it consequently died of starvation three days later. Instead of laying him to rest, I instead photographed him.

The cat photos are of my third cat, Mimi. She was really skittish, so I don't have many photographs of her at all. These were taken a few days before she was taken to the vet.

And then just a few shots around the house!

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