Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday May 10, 2010

Dock photos again! It's supposed to rain the next few days, so I figured I'd take advantage of the sunlight. The photo that is taken with a view parallel to the dock was a shot I had tried to get before, but didn't like it enough to post it. I'm much happier with the result here. I tried a landscape type photo again, but I still need a lot of practice at it. Lastly, the bird photo isn't incredible, but I really like it. It looks better at full size because you can make out the details of the duck.


  1. They look great. No need to be so self deprecating!

    Bright day light is great but it can wash out all the colors. A little contrast adjust in gIMP or Picasa can give you the best of both worlds - all the bright sunlight plus restore the vibrant colors.

    BTW get some shots of that boat winch!

    The 3rd shot stands out in this group because it takes a "normal" scene, an ordinary boat dock, and frames it creatively at an angle. Same concept with your awesome picture of the basketball hoop. Everyone has seen a hoop a million times, but you framed it so that you can't see the whole thing, and the viewer's attention is focused on the chipping paint rather than the hoop. That's a recipe for a good photo!

    Your blog is really cool... I'm thinking about making one myself now.

  2. Consider that boat winch shot! I keep meaning to check out those downloads, and as soon as I get my laptop hooked up to the internet I'll definitely play around with them.

    I'm glad you like the photos! I'll try to keep that "framing" advice in mind. It's so easy for me to take cool close-up shots, but it's definitely the safe road.

    You absolutely should make your own blog! That would be a lot of fun!