Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday May 15, 2010

It's funny how many random items around a house can make for cool photographs. I took some pictures of a gourd today. It's all dried out and weathered, and looks just kind of... really sad. I feel sorry for it. The photos are all a little bit similar, but I like them for different reasons.

Also, a bonus photo of the knitting project I just finished!

This one has a lot of atmosphere...

... and I like how this one's framed, and...

...I like the texture of the wood in this one.

This is my completed Little Bear. Well "my" being the project, and the Little Bear being for Christopher. :)

So there, basically all caught up! Missed two days, but whatever. Still got some cool pictures!!


  1. Oh, true! I thought it looked really, really depressed, with its head bent like that. I probably should have faded the colours more to amp that effect up, rather than amplifying the colours up instead. Oh well!