Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wednesday May 12, 2010

Well, I did say that it was unlikely that I'd have computer access every day of the year, so I was definitely correct on that point. I skipped two days out of the past five, but on one of those days I really, really tried to make up the gap. I'm a little annoyed that I've already skipped a couple days (I finally started working shifts again), but I figure that the point of these records is to use my camera and take lots of photos, and I'm certainly doing that regardless of daily consistency. SO!

The walk from the highway to Christopher's grandparents isn't very long... only about twenty minutes, I'd say. But along the way I pass old wooden fences, farm fields, an overpass and a big highway, railroad tracks, and a series of those alien-looking towers. It's basically a goldmine. So this is what I have here! Also, some photo cred goes to Christopher as well, as I've indicated.

Also, this giant O is a statue at one of the bus stops, en route. I really like the texture on the metal and the grey sky. Actually, it was a beautiful sky for photography on this day.

This is one of Christopher's. I took a similar shot, but his is nicer due to the symmetry of the trucks.

I'm not in love with this one, but there are enough interesting elements that I thought it worth sharing. Mainly I like the repetition of vertical lines (which is thrown off by the "X") and the lines in the background. However, there is no clear differentiation between positive space and negative space, and that's my main issue with it.

I like these next two a lot more.

Christopher found this "No trespassing" sign, so photo cred goes to him for these two shots. It's a really interesting sign, and I like the atmosphere it creates in this one.

And I like all of the elements at work here.

These are some viney plants on his grandmother's porch. They were creeping up the railing, and I thought them very pretty. Especially in the sunset light.

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